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Plugin: serendipity_event_entrypaging

Sometimes you want your readers to have the ability to go to the next or previous articel when reading your blog. When they scroll through the timeline that is no problem. But if they're reading a single articel there is no chance to do so.

Here comes the plugin "Links to next/previous entry" (serendipity_event_entrypaging). Once installed you have several options to configurate it.

Plugin Configuration

First you can place the links to next/previous on top or bottom of the articel. You can also use smarty to place it wherever you want in your own template. When you don't name the link titles, the title of the next/previous articel will be displayed. With the last option you can toggle weather you want only articels of the same category shall be displayed as link. Thats all, save it and see the links displayed in your articel pages.

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