About this blog


This is a blog about the blog engine Serendipity (aka S9Y). We want to provide news about updates, plugins and themes. We want to spread information and tips how to use this software for your own blog.

Also we want to present blogs around the world running Serendipity.

This is not an official site from the Serendipity project. If you're looking for the official page, go to s9y.org! If you got problems using Serendipity or have questions, try the user forum.

How can you contribute to this blog?

First, read it. Second, share it. :-)

If you want do more and if you run Serendipity on your blog, please tell us. We will present Serendipity blogs here an show other readers how other blogs look like and how the software can be used.

If you're a blogger and want to write some articels for this blog, contact us. Maybe you can write a guest articel or become a regular author.

Thank you.