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Theme: Timeline

You want a new look for your Serendipity blog? No problem. There are some beautiful themes you can choose from and here is one of them: Timeline

Timeline is a brandnew theme written by Don Chambers. It has many features and options you can set in the theme configuration wich make it easy for beginners to modify the design of the theme. The articels are sorted along a "timeline" from wich the theme has its name. If you don't like this view you can turn it off via the theme options.

screenshot from timeline

Of course timeline is optimized for mobile devices so everyone can enjoy your blog on every screen size.

I also use the theme here for and i like it very much. There is a demo page where you can try many features live clicking the button with the gears on the upper right of the page. There is also a short documentation how to use and configure the theme for your S9Y blog. Have fun and thanks to Don for his work.

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