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Serendipity 2.1.2 and how to make plugin upgrades working again

Finaly there's a new release for Serendipity. The new version 2.1.2 is a bugfix release and fixes several problems that occured in 2.1.1.

Unfortunally there is a little bug that comes with 2.1.2. Because of a change in the spartacus-plugin you will get an error when you try to upgrade one or more plugins. But theres an easy fix. Just go to the settings of the spartacus-plugin and klick save without doing any changes. After that, the upgrading of plugins is working again.

Serendipity 2.1.1 released

Sadly there was a bug in the latest 2.1.0 Release. There is a new version 2.1.1 available, that fixes that. If you updated to 2.1.0, wrong settings could be displayed in some plugin configurations.  Please update immediatly.

Serendipity 2.1.0 released

Today the Serendipity Team released the new release 2.1.0.

You can read about the new features in the official anouncement.

One goal of the new version is the compatibility with PHP7. My favourite feature is the ability to update all plugins at the same time.

Many thanks to the team for providing the new Serendipity version.

First Release Candidate For Serendipity 2.1

On Thursday the development team released the first release candidate for Serendipity 2.1. Many things has been improved and S9Y is now ready for PHP7. As stated in the official blogpost, 2.1 focuses on

  • Rewrites in some older legacy parts of the core (URL routing, template fallback chain, experimental internal caching) as well as PHP7 compatibility.
  • New bundled responsive themes "Timeline" and "Clean-Blog"
  • Improved usability of plugin upgrades by combining sidebar and event plugins and upgrading multiple plugins at once
  • Permission checks for the dashboard output and comments
  • Usability improvements to the media library, bulk moving support
  • New API wrapper for URL downloads that plugins can use (serendipity_request_url)
  • New Theme "Skeleton" (responsive, mobile first)
  • Improved preview iframe handling
  • Changes (simplifications) in template file routing for backend/frontend views, new smarty {getFile} function for theme authors
  • (new for rc1) Ability to set a default posting category for an author
  • (new for rc1) Improved security checks against CSRF attacks (comment moderation, comment toggling
  • (new for rc1) Improved security for referrer redirection
  • (new for rc1) Improved security for local file hotlinking
  • (new for rc1) Fixed sorting media database by filename

I'm very happy to see this RC because we all waited a long time for this version step.

One point for you guys who install this TC: There is a small bug: The Upgrade-Button in the plugin-section is not working (you will get the HTTP-Referrer error message, since a token is missing). This is the fix and would need to be manually applied.

Documentation: How to encrypt your Serendipity blog with SSL

These days it is important to secure internet traffic through encryption. Therefore you normally use SSL. There is an article available at the S9Y-Documentation how to realise this with Serendipity.

You should give this a look and a try because some browsers will show errors when visitors open your blog without encryption. And even Google's search results are getting worse.

With services like Let's Encrypt it is easy to get SSL certificates for free.

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