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Welcome to this new blog. We will provide information, news and tips about the blog engine Serendipity (aka S9Y). We want to show you how you can use Serendipity and will present you some blogs all over the world using it.

I want to state clearly, that this is not an official site from the Serendipity project. If you're looking for the official page, go to! If you got problems using Serendipity or have questions, try the user forum.

I'm a native german speaking person and this is the first blog I write in english. So you may find some bad english wording or grammar here. Please excuse this, I'm trying hard. :-)

Have fun.



  • Mario  
    This is just a test comment from myself.
  • Dirk Deimeke  
    Great work, Mario. Which theme do you use?

    BTW: I am not able to subscribe the RSS-Feed with Tiny Tiny RSS, "35 SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.". Any idea?
    • Mario  
      It's the Timeline Theme.

      Is it possible that TT-RSS tries to connect the feed on port 80 even though HTTPS is given?

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