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Plugin: TinyPNG

Update October 29, 2016

The plugin is now available at spartacus so you can install it easily in your serendipity backend.

Original Article from September 21, 2016

There are some ways to compress images. There are also some webservices to do that. TinyPNG is one of them. You can send your pictures to an API and get the compressed image back. TinyPNG promises to do the compression without remarkable loose of quality.

To come to serendipity; core developer Onli made a new plugin to automaticly use TinyPNG when uploading your images to the media library. The plugin isn't available on spartacus yet, because it needs some more testing before going there. If you want to give it a try, you can download it from the forum. Just unpack the tarball and put the resulting directory in the 'plugins' directory of your serendipity installation. After that you can install the plugin in your backend.

(Disclaimer: If you don't understand what I'm even talking about above, just wait for the plugin to be available on Spartacus. ;-) )

If you want to use the plugin, you have to create a developer API on the TinyPNG website which is pretty easy. The API is free to use whith 500 compressions a day. If you want to compress more images you can use one of their paid plans. After getting an API code just put it in the settings of the plugin and you're done.

If you have issues testing the plugin or feature requests to the developer, please provide feedback at the corresponding entry at the forum.

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